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» CutFour DV3 software price:
149€ /159$ VAT excluded
(normal price:249€ /259$)
Supports SD 720x576 25p/50i & 720x480 30p/60i

Video connection support
» Firewire Ieee1394 video connections

» Full digital DV quality. Up to 20m DV firewire cable connection without DV repeater (cables not included)

» Separate FireWire controller for each DV input cable is required! (For four DV inputs you will need four OCHI firewire PCI/PCI-E cards)

Live video mixer camera connections with firewire

Products: CutFour DV 3
CutFour 3 user interface, HD video mixer, mixing, switching, video streaming" longdesc="CutFour HD video mixer, video switcher, real time slow motion, AV / A/V mixing, titling, video streaming, Avi Capture, videeo streaming
Professional real time SD live video mixing software
» Easy to use live video mixing software to mix up to four DV/DVCAM camcorder inputs with digital firewire Ieee1394 connection
» Preview for all video input channels without external video monitors
» Web video streaming with any streaming software in the same desktop PC
» Images and titles over video with alpha channel support
» Program channel capture to DV AVI video format
» Four channel color corrector
» Seven picture in picture channels
» New advanced user interface
» Screen capture virtual input to capture Windows desktop area
» Still Image input channel
» Professional digital DV video quality without analog video cables
Easy to use mixing controls
Transition panel for live video mixing
» Several ways to control mixing: Swiching directly by mouse clicking preview image window, using control panel (below) or using shortcuts. Click left mouse button to do cut and right mouse button to do transition! This is really easy and innovative way!

Four channel color correction
Four channel live color correction controls for live mixing
» Real Time color corrector to each video input channel. White balance, brightness, contrast and saturation control

CutFour DV features
» Supports up to four DV camcorder inputs, PAL/NTSC, 4:3 or 16:9, fireWire IEEE1394 connection
» Output to any web video streaming application in same the desktop PC
» Images and Titles over video with alpha channel support. You can use a third-party application to make titles or images. CutFour supports popular bitmap formats and TIFF and PNG formats with alpha channel control. You can do overlay titles with Adobe PhotoShop®, various title software.
» Full quality DV AVI capture
» DV output support to DV decs or DV/analog converters
» Real time color correction for each live input video channel. White balance, brightness, contrast and saturation control.
» Picture in picture (PiP) , 7 channels with crop and soft edges. Many simultanous PiP in same time
» Easy-to-use user-customized interface. Simple analog mixer style. Easy control with mouse or shortcuts. Preview to all video inputs. Scalable video windows for program and video inputs.
» AVI file inserts to program. You can insert AVI files to live program using direct cut or selected transition. Loop play support.
» Master audio plugin support. CutFour supports free Acon Digital Media Chainer® plugin. With Media Chainer® you can use any VST® plugin filter, for example VST® audio limiters or compressors.
» 2D transitions. 40 transition fades / wipe effects. Transition usage with control bar, Auto control via mouse and shorcuts. You can select your favorite transitions from Transition list to Transition panel.
» Live video screening to projector from display adapter second port. VGA / DVI  interface (depends your display adapter card model). Notice long latency time between inputs/output (about 20 frames).
» Supports FireWire DV -inputs (secondary inputs). PAL 720x576 / NTSC 720x480, 4:3 or 16:9. Includes Sync Mode to get BlackMagic Design capture cards to sync with DV -inputs. Every DV -input requires own FireWire controller or card. Sync mode adds more latency from in to out.
» CutFour connection diagram
Web video streaming with any video streaming software
» Support to Microsoft Expression Encoder ®, Windows Media Encoder 9 ®, Adobe® Flash Media Encoder ®, VLC, Real Media CutFour video/audio output can be used with any DirectShow-compatible application as a virtual DirectShow video input device.
Sport Slow motion option
» Easy to use RealTime 1-20s videobuffering for realtime 50% video slow motion
» When something interesting happens in playing field director stops videobuffering and can immediately play video buffer with 50% slow motion
» Slow motion video can be saved to DV-AVI file
» Sport Slow Motion is option to CutFour that have to buy separately. Price: FREE if you buy CutFour now! (Normally: 389€/459$ VAT excluded).
Minimum system requirements
» 1GB RAM (2GB RAM recommended)
» Intel® Core 2 Duo 2GHZ or faster. Intel® Core 2 Quad is required with simultaneus net streaming software and many channel color correction.
» Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows Vista 32/64bit (with Service Pack 2 or later), Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3 or later)
» Own FireWire controller (or FireWire PCI/PCIExpress card) to every DV camcorder input. If you like to use four DV- camcorders, you will need four FireWire controllers. Computer main board have mostly one integrated FireWire controller so you will need three extra FireWire PCI/PCI-Express cards installed to you system to get four channel mixing. Look at connection diagram
» DV output can be plugged to the same FireWire card with one input plugged.
» With laptop you can get max. 3 DV input channels (one with integrated FireWire port and two with two separate expansion card slots (Express card or PCMCIA).
» Graphics card with hardware based DirectDraw overlay and 32-bit color display
» ATA100/5400rpm or faster hard disk, 7200RPM recommended. Using DV-AVI video inserts, two hard drive or SSD drive is recommended for smooth playback (one for capture output and one for video insert)
» Separate hardware audio mixer highly is recommended with CutFour DV. Look at connection diagram
» Maximum four DV Camcorder video inputs, Only IEE1394 FireWire connection based DV/DVCAM camcorders
» No support to video input capture cards for synchronization reasons. You can still use analog to digital transcoders like Grass Valley ADVC55, ADVC110 or Twinpact100
» No audio mixing for synchronization reasons. FireWire audio inputs are not 100% synced. Audio switching with any DV camcorder input and master audio control is supported. A separate hardware audio mixer is highly recommended. Separate audio mixer master audio output can be plugged to any DV video camcorder audio input connectors. Audio and video is lip synced. Look at connection diagram
» Some JVC camcorders have limitation to connect only one JVC camcorder to PC. That is JVC WireWire connection hardware limitation.
» Latency time. FireWire cards causes over 0.5 second delay between inputs / output. This is hardware limitation.
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